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About Us

Rhapsody healthcare Agency is licensed and approved by the Maryland Department of Health (MDH), Office of Health Care Quality (OHCQ) provides supplementary and contractual staffing of quality staff of healthcare professionals in their present workforce. Rhapsody Healthcare Agency is a full service recruiting agency serving candidates for direct hire, temporary work in Baltimore County, and surrounding counties.,  . Our passion is to develop partnerships with our clients and become an integral part of your staffing solutions. We have the ability to customize our screening process in a client- specific manner to ensure an overall fit. We look at the knowledge, skills, ability, education and reliability of our candidates. The details we take in evaluating our candidates ensure a higher level of performance and customer satisfaction. We believed in our services, and we want you to feel confident when you choose to work with Rhapsody Healthcare Agency. We provide custom staffing solutions that are a perfect fit for your practice. Our recruiters are skilled, motivated, and dedicated to helping you find the best healthcare staff possible. Our staffing Coordinator is available 24/7.


Registered Nurses (RN)

At Rhapsody Healthcare Agency we provide experience Registered Nurses (RN) who are competent, compassion, and experienced to provide good health promotions and maintain thoroughly assessment, diagnosis and timely treatment of acute  and chronic medical diseases.

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)

At Rhapsody Healthcare Agency., our experienced Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
cares for their client’s health for optimum quick recovery. Our Nurses are committed to the highest standard of integrity, quality and reliability.

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA/GNA)

At Rhapsody  Healthcare Agency we provide experienced Certifies Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA). In addition, we provide Medical Assistants, Surgical Technician, Pharmacy Technician , Registered Respiratory Therapist ,Certified Occupational, MRI Tech, Xray Technician , Social worker and Ultrasound Tech, Medical Receptionist, Therapist, and Patient Care Technician.

Certified Medication Technician (CMT)

At Rhapsody Healthcare Agency, we train our Medication Technician with the skills needed to perform their responsibilities of caring for the patients and provide Medication Administration for our clients in Group Homes, Nursing Homes, and Hospitals and Assisted Living Facilities.

Caregivers & Residential Counselors

At Rhapsody Healthcare Agency, we provide experienced caregivers or Residential counselors to meet our clients daily needs and caring. We provide personnel to hospitals, group homes, assisted living nursing homes, doctors’ offices, laboratory and anywhere healthcare staff is needed. Our caregivers pass in-depth screening, license verification, and background checks, and receive best training that makes them difference.

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You don’t have to wonder anymore where to hire RNs, PTs and OTs. You’ve come to the right place! Avant Healthcare Professionals is the premier nurse staffing agency for registered nurses and allied health professionals.

We have Med/Surg, L&D, Peds and OR registered nurses!

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